My Talent & Culture


OmniHyper® has developed a My Talent & Culture internal employee portal for hotels.

The portal is Mobile First and able to be used on a staff members mobile. Some hotels have iPads onsite with the portal constantly open. The portal is simple and easy to use. Talent & Culture managers can fully manage them at each hotel.

A user guide and training is provided once the portal is established.

Custom Development

Some hotels have had custom development, with additional features and functionality added specific to their property.


  • No setup charges
  • Monthly operational subscription

Anytime, anywhere for Accor employees.


  • Hotel Event Calendars
    Notify employees of upcoming events, such as staff training, internal functions and more.

  • Hotel Employee Perks
    In addition to Global Employee Rates and Australia Pacific Employee rates, Talent & Culture managers can add/upload specific local and regional perks applicable to their hotel employees only.

  • Docusign Forms
    All employee Docusign forms are stored for instant access, including but not limited to;

    • Change of address
    • Change of bank account details
    • Change of contact numbers
    • Change of email
    • Change of emergency contact
    • Change of status form
    • Change to medical history
    • Choice of Superannuation fund
    • Deduction, deposit & replacement request form
    • Employee internal application
    • Employee tax declaration form
    • Heartist of the month nomination
    • Locker issue form
    • Name badge & access card issue form
    • Parting ways form
    • Regional team employee action form – leave request
    • Special leave request
    • Student visa holders – application for additional hours
  • Jobs
    Available positions across Accor.

  • Accor Acadèmie
    Connect to Accor Acadèmie.

  • Advanced Security Feature
    The portal does not need to be secured, but if you wish to secure it, each staff member will be assigned their own username and password.

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Carla Jordan

Marketing Manager, Perth, Western Australia Australia
To date I’ve worked with OmniHyper to build two hotel e-commerce gift voucher websites – and will soon be embarking on a third! These websites are not just a fantastic additional revenue stream for our hotels, they also streamline efficiencies in our business for both our busy guest-facing team members on the ground and our finance departments. And of course making the purchasing process simpler and far more secure for our guests has seen revenue from gift voucher sales increase exponentially. The only feedback I have had from our hotel teams is that they wish they had switched to an online solution sooner!
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Mark Mewburn

Director of Marketing, Queensland & Northern Territory Australia
I’ve worked with Michael and the OmniHyper team on a number of projects - Search Engine Optimisation for hotel microsites, E-commerce website builds, and website builds for hotels and tourism products. Each project has contributed significantly to hotel digital marketing results whether it be revenue production or increasing visibility in search engine results pages and driving traffic to hotel websites. It’s been a true collaboration to get the best results and OmniHyper have become an extension to the team providing expert advice and digital solutions for the business.
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Tricia Cornelius

Regional Director of Sales & Marketing, Queensland & Northern Territory Australia
100% support this partnership, my only clear advice is to understand what OmniHyper will do for the business, you will not see the result as an instant fix, it takes up to 6 months to deliver on Google, it is a very complex back engine partnership, and the results in the world of sales are not tangible and it is hard to define the ROI in the first 6 months. Google takes patience and time as Google does not want you to be on Page one in an organic space without paying for it, and patience is something we in hotels do not have a lot off. Understand what the long-term goal is and work with OmniHyper collectively and you will get your ROI in redirecting direct business from 3rd party channels, also really good for MICE opportunity. For me as your aware, this is a no brainer and something I am much defined about, we have 8 hotels in the region working in this partnership and we do see the results come through. Over to you, Warm Regards Tricia.
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